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Diane D.

Every once in a while in life – and not as often as you’d hope – you run into an institution or other collection of people who dedicate themselves to doing a thing well. Every single individual from top to bottom is committed to the goal of doing the job right. This is the experience that we had this winter with Expert Roofing. When our 1925 house sprang a leak in January it soon became clear to us that we needed a new roof. Seth answered our every question, detailed the work flow and expectations and left without attempting to hustle us into a contract. He did promise fast action on our leak if we chose Expert Roofing. The Monday after we signed the contract, an employee from Expert spent a day locating our leak and installing plastic over the problematic section of roof. He was soon followed by Austin who made a careful survey of the situation, measurements, anticipating difficulties, wrinkles and quantities of materials the job would require. He also communicated with us about what we could expect, about when the crews would be free to build our new roof and how we could contact the company at any

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