Trying to decipher your roofing system’s specific needs is difficult when you do not have a licensed roofer in the family. At Expert Roofing Services we help customers decide whether a roof repair or a roof replacement would work best for your home’s budget and needs. It is not uncommon to be lost when it comes to your home’s roof, so do not stress if you cannot figure out which direction to go in by yourself. Once you find the perfect roofing company for your home’s needs it will be a seamless transition to a perfect roof for your home.

When to ask for a Roof Repair?

Often roof repairs are small issues that happen in your home's roof. This can be anything from a little water damage you notice in your home to a single roofing shingle missing. These issues can happen when your roof has not outlived its roofing lifespan and are often a less expensive option when compared to a roof replacement. You may also need a roof repair if your home has experienced any debris or storm damage. A professional roofing company should be able to help you out with emergency services for roof repairs.

Homeowners do not often think of high energy bills as a sign that their home needs a roof repair. However, if you have a lot of heat escaping through your roof it will be difficult for your home’s internal temperature to stay consistent without constantly running your heating and cooling system. You can perform a home energy test to see if this is an issue for your home.

When is a Roof Replacement Needed?

If you are a new homeowner and you start noticing everyone around you is replacing their home’s roof, this is a good indicator that your home’s original roofing lifespan is expiring. Most neighborhoods were built in the same time frame and will need to be replaced in a similar time frame. You may also notice your neighbor’s home’s shingles deteriorating or curling back before your own just because you do not look at your own home often. Take a look at your roof as soon as you notice this to make sure your roof is in good shape.

When you see missing shingles on your home or roof discoloration it is time to get started on a roof replacement. At Expert Roofing Services we are professional roofers who cover both roof replacements and roof repair services. You will love working with our licensed and well-trained roofing contractors on any of your roofing projects. Call us today to get started on a free inspection and estimate.