Have a dark and unappealing room in your home? You know—the kind of space that everyone in the family avoids? For an affordable price, rooms like that can be made brighter and more inviting with a simple skylight installation. 

Need a little more information in order to be convinced?

Check out this list of the top 5 advantages of skylights and sun tunnels for your Eugene home to see how this home update can bring big benefits.

1. Bring More Light into Dark Rooms & Hallways

One of the main reasons that homeowners turn to us for skylight installation is to increase the levels of natural light in a room. Just one small skylight or sun tunnel can bring an abundant amount of light into a dark interior room or hallway.

2. Improve Ventilation in Windowless Rooms

You can have an operable skylight installed in your home that allows fresh air into the room too. You can choose either manual skylights with a crank handle that opens up the skylight, or opt to install an electric skylight that works at the push of a button.

3. Allow Access to the Roof

Some skylights open up all the way, which allows for easier access to your roof. If you want the option of going up on your roof to inspect it, or just to hang some Christmas lights, this is a good option.

4. Use Less Electricity in the Daytime

Another benefit of installing skylights is less dependence on electricity. With the amount of daylight that a skylight can bring into a home, you can reduce the need and expense associated with operating electric lights for hours on end. Plus, we can install a skylight with tinted glass if you want the lighting to be a little more subtle.

5. Improve the Atmosphere in a Room

Speaking of adjusting the lighting for a more understated feeling, a skylight instantly improves the mood in a heavy or gloomy room. A well-placed skylight or two can also draw attention to specific parts of a room, such as over the kitchen island or above the bathtub. 

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Home remodeling projects don't have to be complicated or costly to yield big improvements. You can do something as simple as installing a new skylight. Expert Roofing Services has BBB A+ rated skylight contractors who will complete your skylight replacement at an affordable price.

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