The gutters perform an important job for your home by redirecting rainwater away from the roof and foundation. Most of the time, this is a hassle-free system that only requires gutter cleaning twice a year. But eventually, your gutters will wear out and need to be replaced.

If you aren't sure whether the time has come for this project, consider these four signs that indicate you need new gutters.

1. Visibly Damaged Gutters

Whenever damage is visible, it's a safe bet that it will soon be time to install replacement gutters. The question then becomes: at what point is the damage severe enough that you can't just get the gutters repaired?

Here are a few indicators that the gutters are at the end of their lifespan:

  • Your gutter system is more than 20 years old.
  • The amount of damage is consistent around all sides of the home.
  • Your vinyl gutters are starting to become brittle.
  • You are also thinking about getting a roof replacement.

2. Standing Water in the Gutter System

If you go up on a ladder and notice standing water inside your gutters at any level, it could indicate your gutters are no longer functioning properly. They could have a blockage somewhere in the system, such as inside a downspout. Or they could have settled slightly in the middle of the roofline, so that water is no longer flowing into the downspouts. This settling can result from:

  • Loose or Missing Nails
  • Dented and Bent Gutters
  • Warping of Vinyl Gutters

3. Visible Water Damage & Mold on Sides of Home

Take a look around the exterior of your property. If you see water damage on the siding, especially near the gutters or the downspouts, this could be a sign of water overflowing. You may also see mold growing on the siding, fascia, and soffits due to the increased moisture.

4. Erosion Around the Foundation

When you see water damage around the foundation, it could be a sign that your gutters are overflowing whenever it rains. More than just an unpleasant sight, this is also a potentially serious threat to your foundation. Water can easily seep in, leading to moisture in the basement or under your home. 

In the winter, this water can also freeze and expand inside the foundation walls, causing small cracks and damage.

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