Are you excited about a future roof replacement? Picking out roof materials and shingle colors is a fun part of the process, but you may be overlooking something. The gutters have an impact on your roof's curb appeal and function, too.

We recommend that homeowners replace their gutters at the same time as they install a replacement roof. This provides maximum beauty and protection for your property. For a better understanding of why it's smart to pair a new roof with new gutters, read on.

Avoid Inevitable Damage to Existing Gutters

Unfortunately, it's almost impossible to avoid damaging the gutter system during a roof replacement. Think about it. Ladders are pressed up against the gutters and roofline. Contractors go up and down them multiple times a day. They'll be hauling up roof shingles by hand or using a pulley system. All it takes is one small slip, and your gutters could end up dented or hanging loose from the fascia board. 

Homeowners can avoid frustration and worry about their gutter systems by having roofers install a new set of gutters at the same time. 

New Roof + New Gutters = Boosted Curb Appeal

There's a lot to be said for the boost in curb appeal your Eugene home will receive with a new gutter system and roof. If you leave the existing gutters in place, chances are they will look a lot worse next to the replacement roof—even if they looked okay beforehand. Plus, you can also go with a different style, color, and material of gutter to better match the new roof.

Improved Function and Roof Protection

The gutters are just as much a part of the roof as the shingles, and they perform a very important job. Gutters redirect rainwater and ice away from the roof and landscaping. If they are older, they may have damage that prevents them from functioning well. As a result, the system could back up and overflow when it rains, leaving your roofline soaked in potentially damaging water.

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